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Enter TrippyTours.Org’s first crowd source trip to Chile’s “La Patagonia” on August 6-13 2017, come and enjoy natural hot springs surrounded by pristine biodiversity filled with rich minerals to soothe your mind, body and soul.

This participation whether a free pass or with a donation contribution gives one the ability to be part of the propose TrippyTour’s “TermasTrips” Travel project to create a 360° video documentary, you will partake in a drawing decided by an independent third party “index number” (The Numbers Game),  in this documentary we will be visiting various surreal landscapes locations including:

Termas Geométricas (Featured Video);

El Rincón, Los Pozones and a few others, we will be staying at a biological reservation deep in the rain forest of Chile called “Huilo Huilo”(

From here (Fungi Kingdom), we will commence on several different activities;



And a few Excursions;

All that while savoring some exquisite local cuisine, that is if you are carnivorous of course!

In celebration of our site launch, we will invite the selected participant to come along with us, all meals and accommodations will be cover by TrippyTours.Org and the donations received by members who have participated in the crowd source funding and have agreed to the following;

Rules, Instructions Terms and Conditions.