As if in a dream like state, a fairy tale time awaits.

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Once upon a time on a short flight over the Andes mountains from Santiago, Chile to Temuco as the sun disappeared into the horizon I had arrived at this small town located on the  9th region “La Araucania” which was a few hours away from the target destination, the 14th region known as “Los Ríos” where one would find many of the hidden treasures in the area known as “Las Termas.”

A thirty minutes climb from the base of The Villarica volcano I encountered hills blanketed in snow, crystal clear streams reflecting the transparency of lightly drawn images with a minimum touch of opacity while the vibrations from the forest symphony of the feathered friends could be heard with surround sound precision effects that echoed across the distance.

As if in a magical hallucination the bluish, purplish, greenish and orangey hills swirled through a path to present vapors that rise up from the thermal pools creating a foggy condensed atmosphere which morphed into water particles that adhered to the layers rock sediment to feed the thirst of the split mountain and to give birth to lush vegetation interwoven by delicate nano bioluminescence turf to form a mossy, spongy and fluffy like material, it’s a magnificent visual site full of vivid fluorescent colors that makes these velvety rugs glow.

At awe with a floating sensation as a helium balloon one moves around parting away clouds as they blend in with the skin invinting one to enter and relax in the warmth of “Las Termas” while penetrating the pores soothing and caressing mind, body and soul with magnisium, calcium, potasium and sulfur, minerals derive from the core lava veins of the earth.